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Throughout history Candles have played an important role in weddings; either it is lighting the ‘Unity  Candles’ by the Bride and Groom  or  both mother’s  lighting  candles to show the unity  in  the union. You can have two to three candelabras station in various parts of the room.

 In whatever way you decide to use candles -their  beauty will add elegance to  your ceremony &  to  the  reception site.

Mothers Unity Candle

 This set includes: One Candle holder for 3 candles, two tapers and one pillar.  The candles used for  this does not have to be as elaborate as the ones used for the bride & groom.

This is a ceremony that tells everyone that the two mothers are in favor  of  this marriage and they wish the bride and groom  happiness and long life.

These candles are in place before the ceremony begins. Usually on the same  side where the brides maids will  stand.  

The mothers  unity candle is lighted after both Mothers have  been escorted in. One of the Groomsmen will need a book of matches or a lighter to help each mother  light a side candle. Once both side candles are lighted, the mothers together light the middle.

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