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5. Ego Plays
Is there an aunt or uncle that will alarm the guards if not placed next to the head table? Definitely check with your parents to see whose ego needs to be assigned where. The last thing you want is for a crazy uncle to be expressing his disappointment rather loudly during your reception.

6. Be Respectful
Be considerate of the elderly and of people with disabilities. Don’t put an elderly grandmother next to the DJ.

7. Mind the Distance
If a guest has traveled the seven seas to witness your wedding, give them a decent seat.

8. Children
If you’re inviting children to the wedding, don’t jump to placing them at a ‘kiddie’ table. You’ll need to account for age and personality- will these kids be nervous being away from their parents in such a large setting? Think hard and long before investing into the latest play fad for children. ‘The Jumper’.  It may not be a good investment especially when the parents have dressed them up for this occasion and after jumping around their clothes are messed up.  Not is not good.

9. Vents
Avoid placing tables under vents. I’ve been seated at tables under vents and was too busy shivering to enjoy the reception.

10. Parents
Often, the bride and groom’s parents host their own tables with their own close family and friends.  

10A,  Parents

 If both sets of parents want to sit together and also want their respective guests at the table, consider having a long rectangular table just for them.

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